Drink Your
Fruits & Veggies.

Flood your body with nutrients and get the benefits of eating pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables without the mess, the expense, the hassle, or the calories.

Simple. Quick. Tasty.

No shopping, chopping, or juicing required. Just add cold water, shake it up, and you've got an energy-packed, immune system boosting, low calorie juice you can drink anytime.

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The Zuma Juice Family

Green Juice

Get the energy-packed, immune system boosting, 30 calorie green juice you can drink anytime. Has a great mint taste.

Red Juice

Protect, repair, and replenish your body at the cellular level AND get a healthy dose of natural energy. Only 35 calories and great raspberry lime taste.

Unflavored Green Juice

If you prefer a more natural green taste, this is the same energy boosting formula in our original green juice with no flavoring.

Vegan Protein

Zuma Protein is a great way to add a protein boost to your Zuma Juice. Only 80 calories per serving with no added sugar. It's naturally sweetened with Stevia Leaf Extract.

How we make it.

The finest organic produce

We start all of our juices with organic vegetables, fruits, superfoods and herbs grown under exacting conditions and harvested at their nutritional peak... it's almost like we went to the farmer's market for you.

Carefully prepared

Our superior ingredients are juiced and dried in a low temperature dehydrator preserving all the sensitive nutrients while keeping the nutritional value at maximum levels. So when you drink Zuma, all the goodness is nearly as fresh as the day it was picked.

Meticulous quality control

Every raw ingredient supplier
must pass our gauntlet of quality requirements - most don't make it. Then, once we get them, every single ingredient is subjected to a battery of tests (with sciencey sounding names like infrared spectro-something-or-other) by smart people in lab coats.

Feed your body.
Feel fantastic.

Zuma Juice is the great tasting, simple way to make sure YOU and your whole family get all the good stuff your body craves... even if you don't eat enough of your fruits and veggies.


Our juice tastes great.

Unlike most good-for-you juice drinks out there, we work hard to make sure good-for-you tastes good too. Don't get me wrong, you're never gonna mistake one of our juices for a milkshake but, that's not the point. Our convenient little single serve packets make it easy to get all your daily fruits and veggies even if you don't have time to eat em or juice em yourself.


Look what everyone
is saying


What are the benefits of drinking Zuma Juice?

If you're anything like us, it's hard to get all the fruits and vegetables and greens we're supposed to eat every day. But in one glass of Zuma Green Juice, you're downing 6 different organic greens and grasses, 3 organic sprout concentrates, 7 organic vegetables, and 13 fruits, superfoods, herbs, and other goodies. So it's a great way to get a hearty dose of bioavailable vitamins, minerals and nutrients - all from plants. And best of all, it's the un-messy way to juice all these things!

Is Zuma Juice Gluten Free?

Yes. Zuma Juice is verified by third party testing to be gluten free.

Is Zuma Juice vegan?

Yes. There are no animal sourced ingredients in Zuma Juice. In fact our juice is fully certified by the Vegan Action Foundation (vegan.org). And our Chief Systems Goddess is certifiable too. I mean, she's a vegan and she drinks it :-)

How much can/should I drink?

We recommend 1-2 servings per day but it tastes so good you may be tempted to drink more. Luke, the Big Cheese, drinks like 5 servings a day. But some of us think he goes overboard!

When should I drink Zuma Juice?

If you're only going to drink it once a day we recommend having your Zuma Juice in the morning. If you're like us though, you'll want to drink it morning, noon, and night.

How many servings are in a box?

There are 30 individual single serving packets in each box.

How many calories are in a serving?

There are only 30 tasty calories per serving. And none of them are from added sugars (because there are none!)

Can kids drink Zuma Juice?

Yes they can. In fact it's a great way to sneak a whole bunch of "good stuff" into their daily routine.

Is Zuma Juice organic?

We have our mad scientists working on making sure EVERY ingredient is certifiably organic, and we're very nearly there. However, at this point, our ingredients are over 80% organic by weight.

Where are the ingredients grown?

All over the world! We source the best ingredients from the best places. The key thing is making sure that they can pass our gauntlet of tests, if they can’t then… as Simon Cowell would say, ‘you’re just not good.’

What's better Zuma Juice or fresh juice?

Fresh juice-or better yet, platefuls of a variety of vegetables-are always going to be the absolute best way to get these nutrients. However, many of us can't spare the time to juice or to keep our daily meals full of vegetables. In that case, this is a great alternative. And if you have picky eaters in the house, this may be the ONLY way to get these necessary nutrients into them.

Is Zuma Juice a meal replacement?

No, at just 30 calories per serving, it's not going to last you long. But it's a great snack replacement. And it's an outstanding way to add those necessary fruits and vegetables that can be so hard to grab when you're on the go.


What's your refund policy?

Because we are selling a top-quality food product, all sales are final once they ship from our warehouse.

Zuma Juice is pretty snazzy stuff. It is jam packed with top quality ingredients and made with the utmost care. Our intention is to deliver a delicious, nutritious and convenient juice to you!

Because we maintain such high quality control standards, we're not able to refund for shipments that are sent back, refused or marked as returned to sender. Any boxes that are sent back or or refused will be disposed of as we will not re-use or re-sell anything once it ships from our warehouse.

Can I cancel an order?

Once your order ships from our warehouse, we can't cancel it, and the sale is final. Be sure to contact our Happiness Team right away if you need to cancel and we'll do our best to race out and stop it. Since we try to get your order shipped out as fast as possible, it doesn't give much time for cancellations.

We love Zuma and we think you will too, but if you have any concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us at care@zumajuice.com

How does the subscription program work?

The subscription program gives you a super simple way to get your juice shipped out monthly to you without having to remember to reorder. When you choose a subscription, you have complete control over it. Before every shipment, you'll receive an email 3 days before reminding you it's coming, and giving you an easy link to cancel or revise your subscription before the next box ships.

And, always remember to check your junk and your spam mailboxes if you haven’t received anything from us. After your initial order you should receive a receipt, a tracking link and some helpful info emails. If you don’t, it means they are going to the wrong mailbox or the email address was put in wrong and needs updated.

How do I pause or stop my subscription order?

You can log in to our site at any time to modify your subscription. Don't have a profile set up yet? Create one by clicking on My Account and selecting "Don't have an account? Register Here." This will assemble any previous orders you have made under a single email address.

Can I change the frequency of my subscription order?

Yes. Within your account, you can change the next ship date. However, if you'd like to change the frequency of your shipment (like twice per month, or every other month), you'll need to contact someone from our Happiness Team. If you want more boxes per month, we can help you with that too!


How long will my order take to get to me?

All orders Sunday through Thursday are shipped within 1 business day. Friday and Saturday orders are shipped on Monday. Orders are shipped from sunny Arizona. We ship via USPS Priority Mail. Delivery time in the Continental United States is 1 to 3 business days.

Where do I find my tracking number?

As soon as your order ships, we'll send you a friendly email with your tracking number.

Do you ship outside the United States?

We're working on it! Hopefully we'll have international shipping available by late 2017