Sample Pack

Try Zuma Juice for 5 days and get a Free shaker bottle and FREE shipping.
Just $10 - no strings attached.

Want to boost your energy, boost your immune system, and feel fantastic?

You’re gonna love this!

We figured out how to pack…

  • 6 different organic greens and grasses…
  • 3 organic sprout concentrates…
  • 7 organic vegetables…
  • 13 fruits, superfoods, and herbs…
  • and a bunch of nature’s other goodies…

Into a little packet you can take with you anywhere.

And even more shocking… our team of super-smart formulators figured out how to make all that goodness taste good .


Listen… we all know health nuts who will choke down any nasty tasting green glop they can get their hands on if they know it’ll be good for them.

For the rest of us, “good for you” has to TASTE good too or we’re not gonna drink it… even if it promises to turn us into superheroes.*

That’s why we knew we had to nail the taste.

Zuma Green Juice is flavored with all natural mint leaves with a hint of vanilla, and tastes a bit like sweet tea.

As soon as you try it you’re gonna agree… this stuff tastes amazing.

And you’ll love the natural energy you feel.

But you don’t have to take our word for it.

Go ahead and try it for 5 days and prove it to yourself. Your body will thank you for it.

Try Zuma Juice for 5 days with no obligation.

We're gonna send you 5 servings of Zuma Green Juice for just 10 bucks...

And as a thank you/bribe we’ll give you one of our fancy shaker bottles FREE (they normally cost $9.50)…

Plus we’ll cover the cost to ship your sample pack (via first class mail) out of our own pocket.

Important Note: This is a no obligation sample package. This is NOT a subscription. You will NOT be billed again.

*Just so we’re clear… Zuma Juice will NOT turn you into a superhero or give you any special powers.